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Hand-tufted area rugs and carpets

ICE International has developed hand-tufted area rugs and carpets for high-end residential and prestigious hospitality projects around the world. The hand-tufted quality is suitable for any area; from stair-runner and presidential suite to corridor and inset lobby rug. ICE also offers full IMO and FAR JAR certified qualities for yachts and private jets.

The hand-tufted technique offers endless possibilities in design. All kind of textures, such as high pile and low pile, cut, loop and tip-shear, can be applied. A 3-dimensional effect can even be achieved, as the carving is done entirely by hand. The pattern can be non-repetitive, as the hand-tuft technique does not stop the design.

ICE uses only the highest-quality yarns in wool, silk and bamboo. All orders are custom-produced as per floor plan or site measurement. This results in minimum wastage. The combination of the best materials and true craftsmanship make the ICE hand-tufted area rugs and carpets durable and easy to maintain.

The creation of a hand-tufted carpet begins with the mood board. The ICE design team communicates directly with the customer, discussing all the requirements and possibilities in order to produce the final design artwork. The entire artwork is printed onto a cloth, which is then stretched tight in a vertical frame. Meanwhile, the raw materials are dyed to the right colour. A special compressed-air gun shoots little U-shaped tufts of wool, bamboo or silk through the cloth, filling in the pattern with the right colours. This tufting gun is fitted with tiny scissors to determine the pile height. The sooner the tufts are clipped, the lower the pile height. After tufting, a reinforcing latex backing is added. The carpet then goes to the finishing department where the pile is sheared to the right height. Hand carving and/or pencilling further emphasises the patterns. To ensure they comply with the high ICE quality requirements and can serve as an ICE reference, the production manager and the designated designer check each carpet that is produced.


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