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Flatweave outdoor

Flatweave outdoor

An outdoor flatweave rug is created by interlacing (vertical) warps and (horizontal) weft threads. This results in a rug without knots and piles. Depending on the thickness of the yarn, flatweave rugs have a total height that starts at only 7 mm. Our flatweave rugs are made by hand. The material that has been used is 100% recycled PET yarn, which makes them easy to maintain. You can create your own colorful graphic design and choose from 26 vibrant colors.

-  Lightweight and easy to roll for storage
-  Easy to maintain and clean

-  PET yarn passed all Fire Retardancy and colorfastness tests
-  Water resistant and high water permeability

- 100% fully recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephtalate) yarn, made from plastic bottles
- Looks are very similar to wool
- UV Stabilized Conscious yarn, dyed by a special dyeing process for long lasting colors
- Selection of 26 vibrant semi matte colors

Where to use:
- Outdoor terraces
- Swimming Pool areas
- Spa areas
- Bathrooms
- Other areas with high humidity


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