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‘Adam’, designed by Nicole, inspired by Prayer nut with original box and pouch by Atelier Adam Dircksz.

‘A hidden treasure is not easy to find, especially when it is only the size of a walnut. Back in the 16th century, there was a Dutchman called Adam Dircksz who created walnut-sized Prayer Beads, carved out of boxwood. When opening these Prayer Nuts, a divine and intricate hidden interior showing a miniature scene was revealed to the religious eyes of only the happy few. It is not just opening these small wonders that gets you carried away, the complexity and level of detail of the gothic architectural exterior is also stunning. The neutral coloured pattern consists of different pile height levels to simulate the carving of the boxwood. Who wouldn’t love to walk on a revealed treasure?’



Ambacht 2
5301 KW Zaltbommel
The Netherlands
T: (+31) 418 65 4858

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